Laugh Or Lament

Kitabın Yazarı :  Aziz Nesin

Kitabın Yayınevi :  Nesin Yayınevi

Basım Tarihi :   Eylül 2009

Gösterim :   1323

Ekleyen :   Uğur Adsay

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Diğer / Edebiyat

Aziz Nesin was one of the most fa-mous modern vvriters of Turkey. Uni-versally acknowledged as a master of satire, he has been adjudged by some critics as "the most forceful and prolific humour writer of this age". He was a poet, a novelist, a playvvright, a joumalist and a short story vvriter.

în his own country, most of his works have been published över and över again, the total number of copies having already exceeded the seven million mark, an achievement not yet equalled by any other Turkish vvriter. He was a four times winner of the first award in the International Humour Competition (Italy, 1956 and 1957, Bulgaria 1966, and Russia, 1969). He was also given the coveted LOTUS award by the Association of Afro-Asian Writers.

"Right from my childhood", vvrites Nesin, "I had vvanted to vvrite tragic stories that could dravv tears from the readers' eyes. I took one such story to a magazine. The chief editör went through the manuscript but, being a man of little understanding, he burst into laughter instead of shedding tears as I had expected any sensible reader to do. His eyes did become wet, but with tears of laughter. At last he said to me: 'Well done! Very good. VVrite some more stories of this type for us'. That disappointment in my early career as a vvriter has continued till today. The stories that I vvrite primarily to make my readers cry, make most of them laugh".

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